Editions of Staff.Wiki

Staff.Wiki is currently available in three different editions.

The Cloud edition has a base service fee, and then an additional nominal fee for each user (the first 10 are included in the service fee). These fees are usually paid monthly, but we can allow annual billing if required.

Your cloud account will be served from a shared, but secure server. The Base Service Fee allows for server usage up to specific limits. Any usage beyond those limits will require a service fee upgrade to another level, or installation on a dedicated server at additional cost. The basic service fee allows up to 1,000 submits (eg. new articles or updates) per month, and up to 10,000 page views per month. Usage that goes beyond these limits will be billed as an additional Base Service Fee. We may ask that your service be moved to a dedicated machine at additional cost if our shared service is not able to accommodate your usage.

The Professional edition is downloaded and installed privately on your own network. Users will access it on your own network, and not via the Internet. There are no transaction limits on the Professional Edition. Like the Cloud edition, the Professional edition has one flat fee per month (per server installation). Users who just view the wiki will not be charged. Users who are involved in approving changes, workflow, and some other operations, will be charged each month. These are called Power Users (Wiki Managers or Approvers). The first 5 Power Users are included in the base service fee. Each additional 5 Power Users is an additional fee per month.

We also provide an Enterprise edition of Staff.Wiki, which provides additional features that allow the product to be customized. For example, with the Enterprise Edition  you can add additional tabs along the top, each with its own separate, searchable wiki. You can hide or rename existing tabs. You can also update the styles such as colors, fonts and so on. Licensing is similar to the Professional edition. For more information on this license please contact us.

For information on current pricing, please contact us.

All support and updates will be provided according to our scope of support and maintenance.

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