Linking Key Results

While Key Results can be entered in manually, there are several ways to automate entering the values. You can do this by linking the Key Result to a specific activity or measurement within Staff.Wiki through the different options in the "Type" dropdown. We'll run through those now.

Asset Instrumentation

Assets lets you track the list of things, both material and immaterial, that are important to the running of your organization. Under each Asset entry is an area to track "Instrumentation". You can add entries in there for specific measurements related to that asset.

For example you can have an asset called "Company Financials", and in there have an Instrument called "Quarterly Revenue". This is where you will track the current value associated with quarterly revenue.

Each instrument can also have an update schedule, so that the task of updating the values will be assigned to a specific user periodically to enter in new values. This can be helpful to make sure that all of the Key Results are updated. The assignment also takes into account any delegation that may occur if the employee is out of the office, on vacation for instance.

Storing values in the asset is also useful because it records a history, and calculates additional statistics such as the average, standard deviation, and in the future may even provide prediction.

Once the value is entered into the instrument, it will automatically update any active key results that are linked to that asset and instrument.

For more information go to the Assets documentation.

Other Objectives

Some objectives may depend upon the completion of other objectives. For example, the objective of 'diversifying revenue sources' may depend upon the objective to 'have a sales presence in another country'. By selecting this you can then add references to other objectives in the "+ Objectives" link underneath.

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