Adding Forms

Sometimes when you're having a conversation on a ticket, you may need to request more specific information from the user. For example if someone is describing a product issue, you may need to request specific information such as what version or edition of the product they have, the serial number, details of when the product happens, step by step instructions on reproducing the problem.

You can request specific information on comments by using Forms that are integrated with Staff.Wiki. To do this, click What's Next and then click "Add Form":

Both support staff and end-users can use this "Add Form" feature - but you'll both see a different list of forms, as some forms are only for support staff, and others are for both end-users and support staff.

When you add a form, it will send a link to the user which they can click to open the form. You can either edit the form first, and let the user complete it, or ask the user to fill out the whole form themselves. For instance you may want to fill out a service request for the user, and let them add any other details before submitting it. You can specify a note to send to the user to let them know what they should do.

A number of forms are built-in, and we'll run through those in the subsections here.

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