What is Staff.Wiki ?

admin, 9/10/2019

We've recently released a brand new product called Staff.Wiki. This is a tool businesses like yours can use to centralize their Policies and Procedures - including your Employee Guide and Standard Operating Procedures. 

Our goal is to enable you to provide a single website for your staff to access any guidance they need to perform their daily work. 

Pages can be added easily, in a hierarchical format that lets you create section, sub-sections and so on. All of this can be searched with a Google-like search engine.

Every page that you add to Staff.Wiki can be set up with one or more approvers to ensure that anything submitted or updated will have to be approved first. Every page will have a history of all its changes you can easily access, along with a record of who has viewed that page and when it was viewed.

Staff can use a built-in web-chat on each page to ask questions and be put in contact with the page author, managed through a ticket system. 

Procedures pages can have checklists in them, so that staff can track the progress of running through procedures, even collecting information as they complete each step and then automatically sending that to a department for review when complete. This can be great for inspections, for example, or even change request workflow.

You can also connect physical assets to their associated procedures by printing a QR shortcut code from the page and adhering it to the asset.

All of this information can then be re-enforced through quizzes, with an easy way to add multiple choice tests providing attestation and certification programs for your staff. 

Staff.Wiki also tracks policy exemption requests, and incident reporting for policy violations.

Lastly, it provides a place to create a company blog or newsletter, so you can keep your staff abreast of any recent developments or news at your organization, with options to send it out to all your staff through email.

We're pretty sure that you'll find something useful in Staff.Wiki for your company or organization, as many companies' policies and procedures are scattered on their network in PDFs or Excel spreadsheets, with little or no controls in place. This gives you an opportunity to modernize, digitize, centralize and energize your policies and procedures across your organization. You can also white-label your Staff.Wiki to make it look like your own company intranet.

If you're interested, please contact us at [email protected]

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