Assignment Workflow

By default all checklist entries are assigned to the user who started the checklist. However you can override that, and have different checklist entries assigned to different people. To do this hover your cursor over the checklist entry while you're editing the page, and click "Edit Form". In there you can select who it's assigned to. You can also add a form to the checklist entry, which we'll discuss in the next section.

The first time a checklist entry is clicked, it will create the tasks for that user (if the Checklists type is set to "Private For Each User") and assign the first entry to the originator (the user who started the checklist). It will then look something like this, to indicate it has been started:

When the task is assigned to you, it'll appear as red to ensure you can't miss it. It also means that a shortcut to the list will be added on the dashboard, and daily reminders will be emailed to you.

If one of the checklist entries is assigned to a different user, then they will be emailed with a link for the checklist page. Even if it is set to "Private" the assigned user will still see the checklist, so they can add their contribution. The item assigned to them will show up as red. They will see the checklist in progress until it is complete, but they will also see links to view past checklists that have been completed, or to start a new checklist themselves.

Once the checklist is complete, a message will be displayed at the top of the page with a link to send the checklist to one or more users for review. It does this by creating a ticket and adding those users to the ticket. You can then continue a conversation with those users. A few seconds after the checklist is complete, the page will go back to being an incomplete checklist ready to start again. 

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