Printing Policies

In general we do not recommend printing policies, or encouraging your users to print policies. The reason is simple: as soon as a hard-copy of a policy exists, it is potentially out of date. This can cause problems, especially if staff are relying on out-of-date procedures. The reason that people choose to use a Policy and Procedures Management System like Staff.Wiki is to centralize their policies so that there is just one authoritative source that is guaranteed to be up to date.

However, if there is a good reason to provide a hard copy (for example, if a staff member will be offline or not have easy access to a web browser) you can print out policies or procedures using the browser's Print option. Doing so will format the page in such a way that is more optimized for paper media, however links will still be displayed as full URLs.

The print option will currently just print out the current article they are viewing, and will not automatically print sub-articles.

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