Creating a Quiz

To create a new quiz, go to the Quizzes tab. You must be a Wiki Manager to be able to create a quiz.

If you have permission, you will see a "+" button on the far right of the screen. Click that and you'll see a screen like this:

The following fields can be entered:

  • Name: This will be the name of the quiz, as it's displayed to the user. The name should be short.
  • Limit Retakes: If the user fails when taking the quiz, they can retake it. This option lets you specify the frequency at which the user can retake the quiz.
  • Required Percentage: What percentage of the answers the user needs to get correct in order for them to pass the quiz.
  • Summary: A summary of what's involved in the quiz, which is displayed below the name in the list of quizzes.

The Requires list lets you specify which subscriptions the user needs to have to see and take this quiz. It also lets you specify what other quizzes need to be passed before this quiz can be taken.

Once you click OK on that form, it will add the quiz to the list of available quizzes. Next, click that quiz. This will show you the empty quiz.

Now click "Add Question" to start adding your questions.

In here you can optionally provide a Background, which appears at the top of the question. Below that you enter the actual question, which is required. You can also add an image, which will be shown in the background and can be useful to help visualize the question.

Then you can specify the choices. You can provide any number of possible answers, but *only one of them should be correct*. Ideally all of them should be *believable*, to some degree, so that finding the answer isn't too easy for them.

The correct choice is entered as a number at the bottom of the question.

While you specify the choices in a specific order, they may not necessarily be presented to the user in that order. They may be randomized each time to make it more difficult for test-takers to share their answers with others.

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