Taking a Quiz

So long as the requirements are met, any user can take a quiz. They simply go to the Quizzes tab and select the quiz to take from the list:

Once they click the quiz, the testing time will begin.

Example quiz

Questions are presented in sequential order, and the user can select an answer from each of the provided options.

Once they are satisfied with their answers, they click the large Submit button at the bottom of the quiz.

Marking is automatic and instantaneous, and they will be told whether they have passed or failed.

Depending on the retake frequency that is set by the administrator, they may be able to retake the test immediately, or wait a defined set of time. Either way they will be notified upon completion of the test.

If the user passed, other quizzes or areas of the Wiki may be unlocked.

The user also has the option to retake a quiz, if they want to get a higher mark for example. They can do this by clicking the down dropdown arrow on the quiz box, and selecting "Retake". After confirmation, their results will be wiped out and they can retake the quiz.

Note: Depending on the configured re-take interval the user may not be able to re-take the quiz straight away.

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