Adding Images, Video & Attachments

Images, videos and other document attachments can be an effective way to enhance your policies and procedures. They are beneficial for your audience to better visualize concepts your organization are attempting to convey. We'll cover adding these in this section.

Adding Images

There are three ways images can be added to your articles: 

  • Upload an image to your Staff.Wiki site using the cloud icon
  • Drag & drop an image from file explorer into the content editor
  • External image sourced from another website

Upload Image

Attaching an image using the Upload Attachment button in the content toolbar adds an image that is saved to the cloud or local server hosting your Staff.Wiki site. Select the cloud icon with the up arrow to do so.

You will be prompted to find an image on your system (or network) to upload.

Drag & Drop Image

Within File Explorer, find your image file. Left click and hold on your image file and then drag over to you content editor.

Wherever your mouse cursor is inside the content editor will be where the image will be placed. 

Once your left mouse button is released, the image will be dropped, uploaded and will then display accordingly.

External Image

Inserting an external image is accomplished by right clicking an image found on another website or on your Google Drive then selecting 'Copy Image'. On your article text editor, past the link into your article. Once the OK button is selected, your external image should display in your published article.

Note: External images are offsite and not on the same server as your Staff.Wiki. Be aware of copyright or licensing issues if you wish to use this method.
Also note: broken image links in your articles will occur if the external hosted image is moved or is no longer available.

Uploading Document Attachments

You may also have other documents you want to link to in the article, for example a PowerPoint presentation or PDF file. This can be accomplished similarly to adding an image, as described previously, using the cloud icon for Upload Attachment or drag & drop a file into the content editor.

Upload Attachment

PDFs and Word documents can be chosen to be uploaded to the article, in addition to image files.

For PowerPoint presentations or any other files you may need to attach to an article, choose All Files in the bottom right hand drop down menu.

Once a file is selected and opened for upload, it will display in your text editor as a link to the file with an outline around it

When published, it becomes a direct internal link to the file on your server.

Note: Document attachments displays as links and not as images or document previews in the article.

Drag & Drop Attachment

Within File Explorer, find your document file. Left click and hold on your document and then drag over to you content editor.

Wherever your mouse cursor is inside the content editor will be where the link to your document will be placed. 

Once your left mouse button is released, the document will be uploaded to your Staff.Wiki site and a link will then display accordingly.

Adding Video

Videos can be embedded into your policies and procedures articles by simply copying and pasting the embed code from various video hosting sources such as Youtube. These embed codes are encapsulated in HTML iframe tags. Direct video links will not display properly as a playable video in the article.


The embed code is accessed by clicking the video hosting platform's share button and then additionally clicking on the embed button.

Select the embed code, copy it and then paste it into the article. Once the article is inserted or updated, the Youtube video will be playable with video controls.

Other Video Hosting Platforms & Self Hosted Videos

There are a number of other video hosting websites, aside from Youtube, that can be used. As long as the video provides an embed code that is encapsulated in HTML iframe tags, they should be playable in articles. Be aware other platforms may include other HTML code outside of the iframe tags in their embed code that will not display properly in your policies and procedures, which need to be edited.

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