Field Types

The following types of fields can be selected:

Short Text: This is the default. It is a simple textbox entry where you can enter in either text or numbers. It will be limited to 255 characters or digits.

Long Text: This is a larger, multi-line textbox that can be used to enter in paragraphs of text. There is no limit to the data that can be entered into this box.

Number: This is a small textbox for entering in numbers only. Fractions can be entered.

Date/Time: This is a dropdown date selector. You can also enter in a time after the date.

File: This lets the user upload a document or other file.

Yes/No: A checkbox that lets the user select Yes or No.

User: A dropdown list where the user can select another user from the list.

Dropdown: A list of options from which the user can select one. The options are specified in another setting (Dropdown Options), and each option is separated by a pipe character "|".

Radio Buttons: This is the same as above, but the options will be displayed in radio buttons instead of a dropdown list.

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