Adding Forms

Checklist entries can be used to collect information from the user it is assigned to. By default all checklist entries prompt for the user to enter in "Notes", where they can enter in any kind of free text. But you can also create more sophisticated forms.

To do this, when editing the page hover your cursor over the checklist entry and click the "Edit Form" button. This will bring up a form where you can enter in additional information about the checklist entry.

Here you can add fields to your form by clicking the "+ Form Field" link. This provides an area where you can put in the name of the field, the type of field (eg. a date dropdown, short text box and so on), and also specify whether the field is required for the user to fill out, or optional.

Whatever fields you list here will become a form when the user clicks the checklist entry. Information they provide in that form will be recorded against the completed task, and sent to each user in the checklist (if there are other users involved).

This can be a great way to create simple workflow and automate your organization's Standard Operating Procedures.

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