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Performance management

Our performance policies exist to:

  • Make sure you understand what is required of you in your employment capacity 
  • Provide you with specific and measurable standards to meet
  • Periodically provide you with feedback regarding how your performance measures against those standards
  • Provide incentives (eg. a bonus) to reward instances where you have exceeded those standards
  • Give you access to materials and programs to help you improve your skills and performance

The periodic performance review will be self-driven through an annual questionnaire that must be filled out. This questionnaire will let you examine what your accomplishments have been over the past year, along with any feedback on how your expectations of the company have been met and how you would like to see your position in the company grow in the future.

The completed questionnaire will be sent to your manager for review. A discussion will be scheduled between you and your manager to go over your progress and accomplishments. Your manager will provide feedback on the areas that could be improved upon. Typically at this point, your manager will discuss any changes in your salary and/or bonus that may be rewarded.

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