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Employee training and development

Skilled staff members are our most valuable asset. As such, it is in our interest to invest in the skills of our staff. It is also in each employee's interest to develop their skills so they can advance their careers. 

As part of this initiative, each employee will have a specific allowance allocated to spend on professional development. This can include subscriptions, books, online courses, conferences, formal certification, and more. 

In addition, we may offer opportunities for "job shadowing" where you will be able to work alongside another worker to become familiar with the assignments they carry out. Another option is "job rotation", where two or more people take turns in a particular role. Both of these can be useful in job training and professional development. This can also become an asset to the company because we will have additional resources to act in relief should a staff member be absent or have to take leave.

Staff development is a collaborative process. Managers should frequently assess what skills need developing in their team members and staff also have a responsibility to pursue their own path of professional development to ensure they remain current in their skills. Please feel free to discuss professional development opportunities at any time with your manager or Human Resources.

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