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Employee expenses

In the course of performing your job, it may be necessary to make acquisitions. Certain acquisitions will be done on your behalf (for example, plane fares and hotel rooms). For other specific acquisitions, you can claim an expense and be reimbursed (subject to certain criteria).

We will cover eligible expenses such as:

  • Business travel
  • Education and training
  • Conferences

Not all business travel expenses will be reimbursed. For instance, a taxi to the airport or renting a car may be covered, but food will not. Instead, we may provide a per-diem allowance to cover such expenses. You should always contact HR before any trip to make sure you are clear what will and will not be covered by the company.

Note that in order to claim an expense, we will need a receipt and an explanation of why the expense was incurred. You will then submit this to your manager using the Tickets tab above. Once approved, the reimbursement will be added to your pay check.

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