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Company-issued equipment

In the course of their employment, staff may be provided with certain computer-issue equipment. This may include a company cell phone and/or laptop. You may not lend, sell, or give away this property, as it belongs to the company. You must also keep the equipment safe and maintain its condition. If anything happens to the device, you must notify us as soon as possible.

Company cell phones will usually be on a paid company account. You must use your phone only for business and within the limits prescribed by the plan. If you exceed the allotted usage, you may have to pay for any overages yourself.


You must strive to keep your company-issued computer or smart phone secure. For example:

  • All devices must be protected with passwords
  • Never leave devices accessible and unlocked
  • Keep up to date with any software updates
  • Access company resources through approved applications only (ie. the company recommended VPN and browser)

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