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Social media

Use of social media platforms is a common pastime, and many people rely on social media to talk to friends and family.

While we allow moderate use of social media for personal reasons on our corporate Internet, we do request that this is kept to a minimum and does not interfere in any way with the work you are supposed to be doing. All policies relating to email communication also apply to the use of social media.

We also acknowledge that the company may maintain its own social media accounts which staff are asked to monitor and communicate through. When doing so, please follow these guidelines to protect our reputation and brand:

  • Always be respectful to others you are communicating with.
  • If you cannot answer a question, please defer to someone more familiar than yourself. Do not answer questions you are not authorized to answer.
  • Always follow the data protection and confidentiality policies that we enforce.
  • Discuss any content you post with our marketing department.
  • Try to respond to every message that is posted.
  • Notify management of any comments that may reflect a sense of urgency, especially if it relates to erroneous or misleading content.

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