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Corporate email

Email is an incredibly important part of how we communicate between staff and clients. While the principal use of email should be for work related activities, we do make some concessions to allow for personal email use.

We ask that you always keep in mind that any communication sent from your work email address infers that you may be representing the company. If you are sending a personal email and it is not otherwise obvious, please ensure that the email is qualified to indicate that your views do not necessarily represent the company's. Also note that any personal details sent over work email will not necessarily be considered private and may be disclosed to managers, auditors or any other legally obligated party. For private conversations we recommend you use an alternative email service.

We always request that you refrain from:

  • Signing up for services that are not authorized.
  • Sending unauthorized emails to clients or prospects.
  • Sending any information to competitors, including signing up for competitor's services, unless specifically authorized.
  • Breaking any other policy, including those relating to harassment.


Always ensure you use strong (ie. long, frequently changed) passwords and be aware to catch any emails that may contain malware or other "phishing" attempts. If you are ever unsure, always contact our IT department.

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