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Internet usage

The Internet services provided by our company are for business use only. However, we accept that occasionally the Internet connection may be used for personal use so long as it does not in any way interfere with your own duties or impact the ability for the company to use the Internet for business. This means that any personal use that puts a burden on bandwidth (eg. video streams and uploading or downloading large files) will not be permitted.

In addition, the following are also specifically prohibited:

  • Transferring obscene, offensive, or illegal media.
  • Transferring confidential information in an insecure manner or to unauthorized people.
  • Visiting dangerous (or suspicious) sites that may compromise our corporate network and/or computers’ security.
  • Conveying personal opinions (especially controversial opinions) that could compromise our company's reputation and brand.
  • Using the Internet for services that are not web or email-based. In particular games that use the Internet for multiplayer services are prohibited.

Staff should also keep in mind the company confidentiality policy to ensure that no protected information about the company is inadvertently leaked through the Internet.

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