Sample Policies and Procedures

Staff.Wiki provides numerous pre-written policies that you can download and incorporate into your own wiki. We provide a complete Employee Manual, or you can download individual policies.

To do this, you must be a Wiki Manager or admin.

Go to the action menu dropdown on an article, and select Insert (From Sample Library):

This will bring up the following form:

Here you can insert either an individual policy, from the list, or select a section to download. 

When selecting a section, you select the main section in the first dropdown, and then you can optionally refine it to sub-sections in the Sub-Section dropdown lists.

Once downloaded, you can then update the pages and modify the policies to meet your own specific requirements.

To try it out, you can just download the entire employee manual by selecting "Employee Manual" in the Section dropdown. You can easily delete it afterwards by selecting "Remove" in the action menu dropdown list of the main article.

You can go through the sample employee guide here.

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