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Employee onboarding

What is onboarding? Onboarding is the process of assimilating new staff into an organization. It often involves administrative tasks such as setting up the new staff's logins into various systems, setting up their payroll, finding a desk for them and things of this kind. It can also include training programs that help familiarize the staff member and ensure they are being effective. The onboarding process can often be lengthy and involve many different departments. It also varies a great deal from one organization to another.

These processes usually occur in parallel for each related department.

Human Resources

  1. Add staff to HR system with information on their current pay and job position.
  2. Set up benefits, such as health and dental insurance groups.
  3. Send out email to department and team head.
  4. Send staff a link to benefits info
  5. Send staff a link to company Employee Guide
  6. Have staff acknowledge and sign employment contract, and relevant policies
  7. Order business cards for staff
  8. Send staff orientation documents to staff

Accounting Department

  1. Get direct deposit details from staff
  2. Set up recurring payroll
  3. Set up necessary estimated witholdings
  4. Register staff with state tax system, if required.

Office Management

  1. Find and assign desk for new staff member, after discussing with department and team leads.
  2. Set aside time to show staff around the office.
  3. Provide staff with building access keys
  4. Notify building management of new staff, as required.
  5. Allocate company car to staff, if required.

IT Department

  1. Setup staff logins for each computer system, including the network
  2. Set up staff email inbox
  3. Set up a desktop computer (based on departmental requirements)
  4. Set up a cellphone, as required
  5. Set up phone, allocate extension and setup voicemail
  6. Set up VPN access if required.
  7. Send staff links to system user guides as required.

Staff's Department

  1. Assign a "buddy" to the staff member to ensure they have someone to ask questions and guide them in their first few weeks.
  2. Meet with new staff member to ensure they know what to do on their first few days.
  3. Assign them training material to review as required.

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