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Procedures for purchasing are only approved by the Executive Director and outlined as follows:

Purchases under $5,000

  1. All purchases over $500 must be approved in advance by the Executive Director.
  2. The Project Director is responsible to know if the item ordered is within the budget and guidelines.
  3. If purchase is less than $150, persons authorized by the Project Director for immediate purchase and delivery can make the purchase. When this is done, invoice copies are to be turned into the Project Director.

Purchases over $5,000

  1. All purchases including services over $500 must be approved in advance by the Executive Director.
  2. Purchases over $5000 will be required to undergo a competitive bid procedure.
  3. All bid requests will contain clear specifications and will not contain features which unduly restrict competition.
  4. The Project Director will be responsible to ensure that all conditions and specifications of a contract, bid, or order have been satisfactorily fulfilled and will be responsible for timely follow-up of these purchases.
  5. The Project Director will obtain at least 3 bids wherever possible unless prior approval by Executive Committee has been obtained.
  6. Purchases of over $5000 will not be fragmented or reduced to components of less than $5,000 to avoid the bid process. 

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