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Time sheets

  1. Each hourly employee will be responsible for completing a time sheet on a biweekly basis.
  2. Completed time sheets will be dated and signed by the employee, time cards will be stapled to the back, and both will be submitted to the Accounting Supervisor at the end of the last working day of each pay period.
  3. No payroll checks will be issued without a completed time sheet and time card if required.
  4. Incomplete time sheets and cards will be returned to the employee for correction.
  5. The Accountant will verify the accuracy of the time sheets and addition.
  6. Employees will be paid every two weeks, deductions are itemized on each paycheck.


The Payroll System will enter payroll, print payroll checks, make direct deposit transfers print payroll reports and send reports to the Accountant.
The Accountant will review the payroll checks before they are distributed.
The Accountant will distribute the payroll checks to the employees. Checks will not be issued to any person other than the employee without written authorization from the employee.
The Accountant is responsible for entering payroll reports into the accounting system.
Voluntary terminations will be paid at regular pay date. Involuntary terminations will be paid on day of separation.

Payroll Taxes

The Tax Accountant will prepare and transmit the payroll tax reports, W-2 forms, and 1099 forms.
The Tax Accountant will verify payroll tax preparation on a quarterly basis. 

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