Importing Documents

Note: If you would like assistance in migrating existing policies into your Staff.Wiki, we offer professional services to assist in this process. Click here to learn more.

If you have existing policy documents, we recommend storing all documents as wiki entries, rather than adding attachments to the wiki. This lets you track all the changes to the article, and show those changes in the approval request emails that are sent out, and also keeps the formatting uniform across the whole of your policies and procedures guide.

If you would prefer to just add a link to the existing document (perhaps as a temporary measure while you work on importing them properly), you can use the Upload button in the wiki editor to add a link to the document. Users can click that link to download and open the document.

To import the contents of your document into the wiki, for example from Google Docs or Microsoft Word, you can do this through the cliipboard while in the editor. Simply go to a new page form, and copy and paste the document contents into the editor.

When you perform this copy and paste, you will likely have to reformat the text to get it to look the way you want. Staff.Wiki deliberately does not have the formatting flexibility that word processors have, in order to keep a consistent look throughout your policy documents, and for you to focus on conveying important content rather than potentially distracting users with certain formatting.

While the most commonly used formatting (bold, italics etc.) should be maintained, some may be lost. In particular, images will have to be copied and pasted individually, and not as a text block.

Here are examples of what you may encounter when copying and pasting from the following common word processors:

Microsoft Word

Heading, bold, and italicize will carry over when copying pasting to the Wiki editor. Bullet & number lists won't transfer properly and will need to be formatted with the Wiki editor toolbar after pasting.


Images in Word documents will display as broken links when copied all at once with the text. It will need to be individually selected, copied, then pasted, in order to correctly imported into the Wiki editor.


Tables can be imported over through pasting, but any special table formatting, such as border line styles or defined widths & heights will not transfer to the Wiki editor and must be applied afterwards. 

Google Docs

Heading, bold, italicize, bullet list, and number list are 5 formatting features from Docs that will import correctly into the Wiki editor.


Imported images using copy & paste will correctly display in the Wiki editor. Be aware the images are linked from the Google servers and not directly hosted from your Staff.Wiki site.


Tables can be imported over but any special table formatting, such as border line styles or defined widths & heights will not transfer to the Wiki editor.

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