Deployment Requirements

The precise disk space, memory and processor requirements will vary based on usage of your Staff.Wiki application.

Professional or Enterprise Edition Server

The Staff.Wiki Site License will run on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and beyond. The machine must have .Net Framework 3.5 installed. 

The application itself will take approximately 120Mb of disk space, but document storage could easily require 50Gb to be available and at least 4-8 Gb of RAM, depending on usage. 

Staff.Wiki uses Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft IIS web server, running on Windows Server (preferably 2008 or later).  

Any recent version of Microsoft SQL Server can be used, so long as it is version 2005 or later. It will also work with the free SQL Server Express 2005 or later, however you should be aware of the limitations of this version. Keep in mind that all file attachments are stored on the file system, and not in the database.

Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Services) web server should be used to support a large number of users, preferably version 6 or later. The application server would run on the same machine where IIS runs. Typically IIS will run on Windows Server, version 2008 or later. All Firewall and security changes required to make the application accessible will be left to the end-user. 

The application server must have .Net Framework 3.5  with ASP.Net for that version. This will be done in the Add/Remove Features of Server Manager.

The application server requirements will vary depending on usage. Medium use (~500 transactions per month) machine should have at least 4Gb of RAM and 10Gb of hard drive space available. Deployments with more attachment uploads will require more disk space. Databases with more concurrent users will require more RAM availability. For business critical applications in a medium sized business with moderate use we recommend at least 8Gb of RAM and 100Gb of HDD space. 

The Microsoft SQL Server can be installed on the same machine, or on a separate machine, depending on the specific load on the server. If on its own machine, the database server would typically have a minimum of 4Gb or higher of RAM (the more, the faster it will run because of the ability to use the RAM for caching). For larger installations (>500 users) we would suggest 16Gb of RAM on the SQL Server to facilitate caching.

If possible we recommend having the SQL Server on the same machine as the web server, as this increases the throughput between the database and application server processes, which can utilize IPC (Inter-Process Communication). Otherwise it should be on a low latency network.

A RAID hard drive is recommended (but not necessary) for redundancy and optimizing concurrent read access. A modern multi-core processor is preferred for all servers. 

We recommend that reasonable accommodations are made to backup data on a regular basis. 

Front-End Requirements 

Desktop Browser Requirements

Staff.Wiki is web-based. It works in pure HTML and have no special requirements for third-party addons. 

As such Staff.Wiki will work with any modern browser: Microsoft Edge, FireFox latest version (version 100+), Google supported versions of Chrome browser and Safari (Mac) version 4 or later. As of May 2022 Internet Explorer is no longer supported, but can be used with the understanding that certain features may not function as well.

There are no specific requirements of the operating system or hardware on which the modern browser runs.

Smartphone Requirements

Any modern iOS or Android device should be usable with Staff.Wiki. Because it uses a responsive layout design, the application will automatically optimize for use on that device, including special support for touch input. 

Saying that, certain features of Staff.Wiki may require newer versions of Android or iOS on smartphone devices. For example certain features such as the web cam usage, may require Chrome and Android version 4.4 or higher because of the use of WebRTC technologies. 

Tablet Requirements

The requirements for using Staff.Wiki from a tablet device are identical to the requirements for a smartphone. Any modern iOS or Android device should be usable with Staff.Wiki web pages. Because Staff.Wiki uses a responsive layout design, the application will automatically optimize for use on that device, including special support for touch input. 

Firewall Requirements

The server will require access to the Internet (specifically to (both port 80 and port 443)). It will periodically access this server to verify the license, to ensure it is still valid.

The site will need to be accessible (ports 80 and 443) in order to download the compliance frameworks.

To download updates to the product, it will also need to access the domain, on port 80 and port 443.

Also, the domain must be accessible from each client browser in order to download the default fonts used in Staff.Wiki.

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