SQL Server Settings

Staff.Wiki Professional uses SQL Server to store its data. By default it will try to connect to SQL Server Express instance on the same machine as the server. If you do not have the free SQL Server Express installed, you can find an installation link here.

Note: We recommend that the SQL Server be on the same machine as, or on a low latency connection from, the web server where Staff.Wiki resides.

To set the SQL Server to use, you create a file called sqlserver.cfg in the StaffWiki\Files folder in your installation. This can also be edited using the StaffWiki Professional Edition Test Server application.

This file is an INI-style file that can contain settings in the format of field=value, separated by carriage returns. The server application must be restarted after changing this file.

The following settings can be included in the file:


Overrides the host name of the server where the SQL Server resides. This is specified as a server name, a backslash, and the instance name, if one is configured.


Optional. The port to use to connect to the SQL Server, if not using the default port.

UserID and Password

Overrides the UserID and password login to use when accessing the SQL Server.

Note: To obfuscate the password, prefix it with # and put the value as base64 encoded.


If set to True, windows authentication will be used to access the SQL Server, and the UserID and Password will be ignored.


Optional. Overrides the folder path where the document library and all attachments (including images) are stored.


Optional. Specifies a prefix to add to all tables in the database, for instances where you wish to share one database with multiple applications.


Optional. If this is set to True, this server instance will not attempt to make any changes to the database structure. This is important if you have redundant (secondary or slave) web servers pointing to the same database. Only one server should be updating the database structure at startup, otherwise they will conflict.


Optional. This allows you to override the SQL Server connection string entirely. All other options will then be ignored.  

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