Registering Staff.Wiki Pro/Ent

In order to license your on-premise Staff.Wiki Professional or Enterprise installation, go to the Upgrade link in the top right corner of the web interface.

Note: If you are signing up via the cloud, this will be done automatically.

Important: Before you do this please go to Admin Tools (also top right corner), expand "Functions" and check the Installation Path. This may not be set correctly out of the box. You will likely have to update the installation path to be the folder where your Staff Wiki Professional installation was made. Simply enter in the path, including \officesuite.exe at the end, and click Set. This is important because this is the path where the registration details will be stored.

In the Upgrade web page, in the Step 1 section first select "Other" (unless you are purchasing a Site License). Then in step 2 enter in the registration key that we supply. This will enable 1 or more Wiki Manager licenses for your installation. Note, however, that the server must have Internet access to be able to perform the registration process. If this is not the case, we can provide an alternative means of registering the product.

Some additional information on licensing of WorkflowFirst products can be found here.

Note: Licensing of the system binds the license to the specific machine ID (MAC address) of the server on which it is installed. If you are using Staff.Wiki on a VM, please read this important information.

Additional Steps for Activating Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition comes with additional functionality for customizing your Staff.Wiki. In order to enable this functionality on-premise, you may have to register your installation with a special key. Your vendor will tell you whether this is necessary or not.

To do this, first log in as admin. Then go to the Configuration tab, go to the What's Next button, and select 'Register Enterprise'. This will provide you with a key that you should send to your vendor. They will then verify your license and provide you with a different key you can paste into the required box. This will then activate your Enterprise Edition features.

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