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Telecommuting Equipment Agreement

The employee understands and agrees to the following: 

  1. The employee is responsible for securing the equipment provided to the employee by the (^Company^) IT Department.
  2. No personally owned equipment may be connected to the (^Company^) owned equipment. 
  3. This equipment is the sole and exclusive property of (^Company^)
  4. With the exception of normal wear and tear, the employee is liable for the condition of the equipment and for any damages caused by any misuse, negligence, and/or unauthorized use of the equipment. 
  5. The employee will not modify any (^Company^) equipment without written authorization from the IT Department. 
  6. In the event of equipment failure, the employee will notify the IT Department as soon as possible. (^Company^) may supply temporary equipment in the event of equipment failure. 
  7. All equipment provided by (^Company^) is provided exclusively for use in providing services to (^Company^). Only the employee may use the equipment and only for (^Company^) business-related purposes. 
  8. Within five (5) business days after the employee ceases to telecommute or after termination of employment at (^Company^), the employee shall return all supplied equipment to the IT Department. If it should become necessary for (^Company^) to resort to legal or other means to recover its equipment, the employee agrees to pay all related costs and attorneys’ fees that may be incurred by (^Company^)

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