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Restricted Information Release Authorization

Information flow control regulates where information can travel within a system and between systems (versus who can access the information) and without explicit regard to subsequent accesses to that information. Flow control restrictions include the following: keeping export-controlled information from being transmitted in the clear to the internet; blocking outside traffic that claims to be from within the organization; restricting requests to the internet that are not from the internal web proxy server; and limiting information transfers between organizations based on data structures and content.

Properly configured firewalls and proxies are required in order to control the flow of restricted information between systems, however such controls are not perfect. Individuals may still send information over email or through third party systems such as Google Docs. Any instance where sensitive information should be sent to a third party, the security measures taken must be verified by an authorized staff member.

Please fill out the form below to request verification and authorization before sending any sensitive information to third parties.

Restricted Information Release Request

Verification and Authorization

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