Important Info About The AI Functions

We recently introduced some very exciting Artificial Intelligence functions. Before using them, please take note of the important points below:

  1. This feature is currently in preview! It's recently developed and we're still ironing out issues.
  2. Some aspects of thte AI function utilize a third-party service. Portions (or the entirety) of the article you are editing may be sent to the AI service when you invoke the AI function. It will first go to our servers and then from our servers to the third-party service. While this is done over a secure connection, please be aware that we do not take responsibility for how this information may be used by the third party.
  3. As an admin, you can disable the AI functionality across the entire system by going to the Configuration tab, clicking Main Settings, and clicking "Disable AI Features" to set it to Yes. If you have any concerns about the confidentiality or security of this feature at your organization, please disable it.
  4. All users of the AI are given 100 credits per month as part of their subscription. Certain requests, such as creating a paragraph, would use 1 credit. Others, like risk analysis and creating checklists, may use more like 10 credits. If you run out of credits, please contact your vendor.
  5. After invoking the AI Function, you can usually click Undo to remove the changes it made. However, note that this undo function will be lost if you switch pages.
  6. The AI Function can only see the current article you are working on. It does not have visibility of the entire policy guide. It will usually only see the first 3,000 tokens (like a syllable) of your text, so ensure relevant content is near the beginning. Also, its information base is limited to its training data. As such it can make mistakes in understanding you.
  7. Please double check everything that the AI creates. It is not always reliable and should be used as an assistant drafter only. Once it provides some content, it is your responsibility to edit that to correct it.

Important: The features provided in this form ("Service") are experimental and use an artificial intelligence system provided by a third party. The text of this article being edited may be sent to WorkflowFirst Software, its resellers and other affiliates, along with a third party  (collectively "Providers"), which they may store and use, as such you may not use this Service if there is any possibility that any contents of the article is confidential or should otherwise not be shared. Results provided by the Service may be inaccurate, incorrect, incomplete, biased, misleading, offensive, or may contain mistakes, and must be checked and/or corrected prior to using in any way. Results are not endorsed by the Providers. Your use of this Service is on an "as is" basis, without warranties of any kind, either express or implied. By using the Service, you agree to hold Providers harmless for any harm or losses that may arise from its use. Usage of the Service will be limited and intermittent while it is being developed, and is currently only available in English. If you do not accept these terms, do not use this function.

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