Initial Setup

The very first time you access your Staff.Wiki account, it will pop-up with an Initial Setup form, where you can provide some basic information about your organization.

You'll likely just be specifying some information about yourself, which we use to create the admin email address among other things. There's also an area to enter in the departments in your organization, along with the users in those departments - but that part is optional, and you can set that up later if you prefer.


If you don't specify any departments, the system will create one for you - the HR department. Alternatively you create some departments yourself. The departments are the different areas of your business, like (for example) the support, accounting, billing, legal and HR departments.

You don't need to define them all here, but if you are going to enter a department, you should put in at least one or two. When a ticket is raised or received for that department, the key people in that department will be notified.

The short names of the departments also determine the different email addresses that can be used. For example, if your account was called demo, then your main customer contact email address will be [email protected]. But they can also contact each department directly, by putting a period and the short name of the department in the email address. For example if a staff wanted to contact the HR department, they could email [email protected] and the email will create a ticket assigned to the HR department, notifying the key staff in that department automatically.

Note: The first department in the list will be the default department that tickets will go to. That means that, following on from our previous example, any email to [email protected] - with no department specified - will go to the first department listed, and notify the key people under that department. If you don't specify any departments, all tickets will go to the HR department.


These key people are what you'll define in the Staff section underneath each department. If the same user is in two different departments, just specify their details in both places - the system will understand and only create one actual login for them.

For each staff member that you define, the system will create a login and send them a temporary password with a link to the system, which they can use to login and start using it. Their login will be the Short Name that it entered there. Once they log in, they can update their password.

When entering the Staff entries, you'll notice a Manager? option. This indicates if the user is a manager and will see all tickets in their department and be allowed to create or remove other users. Only the admin user and users who have this Manager set will be able to create new users and change their roles.

You can learn more about adding staff later by reading the section on User Signup.

That's all you'll need for now. When you're done with this, click OK and everything should be set to go!

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