Wiki Markup - Tables and more

While you can use the formatting toolbar to add certain styles to your text, such as bold, italics and links, you can also incorporate tables, videos, section-breaks and literal text by using special markup.


You can add a table to your wiki page by using the pipe | character to delineate cells. Each table row must start with a | also. For example:

|John|123 123 123
|Julie|234 234 234
|Bob|345 345 345
|Joe|456 456 456

Once committed, that text will be rendered as an actual table on the screen, like this:

John123 123 123
Julie234 234 234
Bob345 345 345
Joe456 456 456

There are no limits to how many columns you can create, however you should be mindful that it will have to fit into the maximum width of the page text.

You can merge cells by starting the cell with any number of forward-slash ( / ) signs. For example, to have 1 cell span 2 columns, you would put /Example , and that cell will have the text Example but will be the width of two columns.

You should also be able to paste tables from Word, Excel and other places. They will automatically be converted into the format above, however you may have to remove certain spaces that are inserted during the pasting process.

Indenting Paragraphs

You can indent a paragraph (eg. to create your own kind of indented lists) by starting the paragraph with any number of forward-slash ( / ) signs. Those symbols will cause the paragraph to be indented when the article is committed. Note, however, that this will reduce the available width of the paragraph as the right-hand margin stays the same.

Videos, and showing external content

Certain websites like YouTube allow you to embed videos into your website. Staff.Wiki provides special support for this, by allowing you to paste in HTML, so long as the HTML is an IFRAME snippet. Anything pasted into the page that looks like <iframe src='xyz'></iframe> will be processed and shown as an embedded iframe within the text.

Horizontal Rule

Sometimes you may want to split sections of your article up using a horizontal rule. You can do this using ---- .

Here is an example:


(horizontal rule shown above)

Literal Text

Sometimes you may want to include the characters normally interpreted as codes as literal text in your content. For example you may want to show a --- in your text. 

To do this, just put the literal text in {{{ and }}}.

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