Approval Workflow

Managing your content building and maintaining security and the quality of articles involves making sure that changes are properly approved before being applied.

Permissioning can be set on any article by specifying an Approver. Once an approver is set, any changes to that page, or its sub-pages, will be sent to that approver to review before being committed.

When multiple parent pages have approvers set, then all of those approvers must accept the change for it to be applied. If any one of the approvers reject the page, then it will not be applied.

The 3 approval workflows for an article, when an approver is set, are:
  1. Content Approval
  2. Secondary Approver Changes
  3. Requires Quiz/Group Changes

Identifying Approvers

Knowing who all the associated approvers within an approval workflow are, before making the changes, is important.

The primary approver of an article can be viewed in the article's Explore mode.

A list of secondary approvers of an article can be found in the Secondary Approvers sub-tab in the lower half of the article's Explore mode.

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