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On behalf of our entire company, we welcome you and wish you every success here. You have joined a team of professionals. It is our goal to provide our customers with the highest levels of service, quality, and satisfaction.

We believe every employee contributes directly to the organization’s growth and success. We hope you will take pride in being a member of our team and your experience here will be challenging, enjoyable, and rewarding. 

This Employee Manual wiki has been developed to describe some of the expectations we have of our employees and to outline the benefits available to eligible employees. Employees should familiarize themselves with the contents of this manual as soon as possible and check it regularly for updates. It will help answer many of your questions you have about employment with our company.

We aim to do everything possible to create a fair and productive workplace. We provide this handbook to guide our staff to make that a reality.

This employee handbook isn’t an employment contract, nor is it a guarantee of employment. Rather, it’s a collection of our expectations, commitments, and both of our responsibilities. It's vital that you read the handbook carefully and consult it on a regular basis.

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