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Recruitment process

All applicants are required to complete and sign an employment application form for employment. If subsequently it is discovered that any of the information was withheld or information given was inaccurate or falsified in any way, the employee concerned may be immediately dismissed. Offers of employment, probationary and/or permanent, may also be conditional on: 

  • Passing the company’s medical examination where the opinion of the company’s doctor is conclusive, 
  • all references being satisfactory to the company’s requirements and 
  • the successful completion of a trial period of six months which will exclude absence through illness.

Our hiring steps may vary depending on the particular area or role that is being filled, but regardless of this we will always aim to be fair and effective in hiring great people. The following are the general steps that are taken in the hiring process at our company:

  1. Identify that there is the requirement for a new job opening.
  2. Determine whether the job can be fulfilled internally or externally.
  3. Determine the job requirements and description (a "job ad").
  4. Get approval for your job ad.
  5. Select appropriate media (external and/or internal) to post your job opening.
  6. Decide on stages of hiring and schedule.
  7. Review the resumes in the company database.
  8. Source candidates for the opening.
  9. Shortlist applicants through screening.
  10. Interview candidates.
  11. Run background checks
  12. Check references.
  13. Select the most suitable candidate for the job.
  14. Make an official offer to start.

Of course some steps may overlap or be unnecessary, so skip steps when appropriate. Each member of a hiring team might have different responsibilities (e.g. recruiters source and hiring managers interview candidates.)

Throughout the hiring process, we always aim to keep candidates and all interested parties informed through effective communication, and give everyone an equal opportunity to work for us. Ask our recruiters for help whenever you need assistance in writing an appropriate job description.

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