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It is vital that attendance and punctuality of each employee is maintained to the highest degree. Unpaid leave of absence may be applied for by the Employees and granted by the company for good reason subject to the need to maintain operations. 

Unexcused absence relates to any absence other than approved holidays, certified sickness, approved compassionate leave, leave of absence approved in advance, or where an acceptable reason for the absence has been conveyed to their immediate supervisor / appropriate management representative, within one and a half hours of the specific shift / day commencement time. Failure to abide by the company’s notification policy may be dealt with invoke the relevant disciplinary procedures.


  • Unexcused absence for five consecutive days will lead to automatic termination of employment.
  • Persistent Absence: An Employee will be considered persistently absent (unauthorized) when he / she loses: More than one (1) day per month or Three (3) days in any six month period.

Persistent absence may be dealt with under the disciplinary procedures.

If an employee is absent from work due to sickness for more than two days, a medical certificate which indicates the nature and expected duration of the illness must be sent to the immediate supervisor so that it is received on or before the third day of absence and be renewed on a weekly basis where appropriate. 

Furthermore, if an employee is absent for more than five working days due to sickness, he / she must report to their immediate supervisor with a medical certificate from a doctor nominated by the company confirming “fitness” before returning to work. 

Failure to abide strictly by the doctors instructions will render absence unauthorized. The company reserves the right to undertake whatever investigation it deems appropriate to ensure abuse is not taking place and to ascertain if the employee is medically fit to continue employment. Failure to abide by any of the above regulations will be classed as unauthorized absence. 


Employees are considered to be late if they arrive any time after the normal starting time. 

Persistent Tardiness

Persistent tardiness refers to when an employee is late more than (3) occasions in one (1) month, Persistent tardiness will be dealt with under the relevant disciplinary procedures. 

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