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Harassment and violence

Our goal is to maintain a workplace environment that is conducive to being productive, but also safe and enjoyable. As such, we expect everyone to treat one another with due respect. Every staff member is expected to do their part to prevent any kind of harassment and violence in the workplace and to nurture an environment that is safe and welcoming.

Workplace harassment

Many actions can be considered "harassment", including some actions that may seem harmless, such as spreading gossip. While we won't provide an exhaustive list, below are some examples that would be considered harassment:

  • Spreading rumors about a person’s personal life.
  • Unwanted advances of any nature.
  • Intimidating or otherwise making fun of someone in front of others.
  • Obstructing or sabotaging someone’s work.
  • Making an insulting or derogatory comment relating to a person's culture or religious beliefs.

Any allegation of sexual harassment will be taken extremely seriously and the company will do its utmost to investigate them thoroughly. If we suspect an employee is guilty of sexual harassment, they will be terminated and relevant authorities will be notified. A criminal investigation may ensue. 

If you’re party to harassment, regardless of whom initiated the harassment, you can choose to talk to any of these people:

  • The perpetrator - If you suspect that the perpetrator is not aware they are harassing you, you could consider talking to them directly to resolve the situation. In cases of minor harassment this may be the most appropriate path to take, especially if the harassment may just be considered humor by the offender. However you should avoid talking directly to customers about such things. For any case involving customers, always raise the issue with a superior or other senior manager.
  • Your supervisor or manager - If customers are involved in your allegation, you can reach out to your supervisor or manager. They will assess your situation and may contact Human Resources to pursue the allegation further.
  • Human Resources - Feel free to reach out to a Human Resources representative in any case of harassment, regardless of how minor it may seem. For your safety, contact HR as soon as possible in cases of serious harassment (e.g. sexual advances) or if your manager is involved in your claim. Anything you disclose will remain confidential.

Workplace violence

Any form of violence in the workplace will be taken extremely seriously. Workplace violence includes:

  • Physical or sexual assault.
  • Destruction of property.
  • Harming a person or property.
  • Verbal and psychological abuse. 

Threats of workplace violence will also be dealt with appropriately. Anybody making such a threat will be considered a high risk and may face disciplinary action.

For any incident involving workplace violence or a threat of violence, we ask that you report to Human Resources if you suspect or know that someone has committed an act of violence or has threatened to do so. Your report will be treated with confidence and we will investigate the situation thoroughly and with discretion. Also, call the police or building security if you feel that you have witnessed a criminal assault, especially if it involved a lethal weapon. For your own safety, please refrain from getting directly involved in the altercation and make any such call discreetly.

If HR finds that an employee has committed an act of violence, the employee will be terminated and we may notify the police. Employees will be liable for any damaged property.

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