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Workplace safety and health

Safety of our staff is our top priority. As such, we have specific preventative policies aimed at enforcing and maintaining workplace safety.

Preventative action

A preventative action refers to any action that is taken to prevent a hazardous situation from arising, rather than dealing with a hazardous situation after the fact. To help maintain a safe environment, we periodically assess the risks and hazards of our workplace. Any risks that are found will be dealt with through incident / emergency action management, or a modification of a policy.

As part of this initiative we will strive to:

  • Provide adequate training material on standards and procedures related to safety.
  • Provide safety and protective gear.
  • Perform frequent evaluation of any equipment that may be a concern from a safety risk perspective.

We expect all staff to take safety very seriously. All staff should follow every safety policy closely, including taking necessary precautions and wearing any protective gear that is prescribed. We do not tolerate any reckless behavior. If you deliberately flaunt these policies, your employment with this company will be terminated.

Emergency management

The emergency management plan are a list of our procedures for handling a sudden catastrophic situation that causes imminent danger to staff and the continuity of our business. It can include situations such as a fire, a flood, a hurricane, an earthquake, or an explosion. 

Our emergency management plan includes ensuring that any preventative instrumentation is regularly inspected (eg. smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, sprinklers), having technicians available to repair leaks or damaged equipment, and restore power.

We also ensure that the building has adequate fire escapes and safety exits and that they are well signed with an evacuation plan posted on each floor.


We maintain a smoke-free workplace. However, there may be designated smoking areas outside of the building. We ask that all staff respect any signs dictating where they can smoke outside of the building. Smoking in restrooms, the lobby, offices, or staircases will not be tolerated and will be considered a safety violation.

Drug-free workplace

We do not tolerate any kind of drug use, abuse, sale, or acquisition in our workplace. This applies to employees, contractors, and visitors. Anybody caught with illegal drugs or demonstrating being under the influence of drugs, will face disciplinary action and may result in termination of employment.


Alcohol is not permitted on the company premises and must not be consumed during work hours, or while staff are working on assignments. If staff are with customers, they should also refrain from consuming alcohol. We do, however, permit moderate alcohol consumption at certain company events, so long as an appropriate decorum can be maintained.

Prescription drugs

Certain medical conditions may require prescription medication. If you expect that the prescription medication will impair your ability to work or to work safely, you should request to have the day off work. 

If your supervisor believes that your medication is impairing your ability to work or to work safely, you will be sent home. If there is any suspicion of prescription drug abuse, you will face disciplinary action which may result in termination.

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