Signing Up For Staff.Wiki

There are 3 editions of Staff.Wiki. The easiest to get started with is the Cloud version. You can sign up for this at http://Staff.Wiki.

Click the Try Now button or click the Subscriptions tab. At this point you'll probably need to sign up, so you can click the link at the top to sign up, which will take you to the sign up screen.

Here you just enter your email address. It'll then ask you to enter your email address again and then it'll sign you in. It should take you back to your Subscriptions list. You can set a password for your account by clicking the link at the top (or the Users tab), otherwise your password will be blank.

At this point you'll be wanting to subscribe to the Staff.Wiki Cloud account, by clicking the SUBSCRIBE NOW button. This will take you to the screen where you can choose the account name for your site.

Choose a short name, because that way it will be easier to share with your users.

Click OK and a few seconds later, you'll receive instructions with a link to your Staff.Wiki portal that will be ready to launch!

Note: You can go back to the Subscriptions page at any time to change your subscription.

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