Sending To Users

You can easily send any article to a group or individual user. You do this from the dropdown menu by selecting "Send To".

This will show a form like this, where you can select precisely who the article will be sent to:You can select one or multiple users, you can also send to all users in a specific department, user group, or you can send to All Staff.

Once you click OK, it will automatically notify and send an email to each of those users, with a link back to the article you are viewing.


If the article you are sending has a checklist, then the option "Require Checklist Completion" will be enabled. When this is set to Yes then it will effectively require that user to complete that article's checklist. It will assign the first checklist entry to each user that was selected. Once assigned, it will be highlighted in the system for that user, appear in their dashboard and they will be reminded to complete that checklist through their reminder emails. This feature can be useful to get staff members to complete certain checklists, such as a survey for example.

Up Since 5/15/2021 12:47:54 PM