Objectives & Key Results (OKRs)

Checklists on a page can also be configured as Objectives that are shared and tracked among all staff. This can be useful for publicizing your company objectives, and their progress, to all staff for specific initiatives. This can be published as an article alongside your company's policies and procedures, or as a News article.

Objectives differ to tasks because they are not checked-off, but instead they have a number of measurements that prove the objective has been completed.

Staff.Wiki tracks the progress of objectives based on specific Key Results, which are entered under each task. Key Results are measurable expectations. These are modeled after the standard OKR framework, and provide a way to manage your company's short-term goals and measure their progress towards being accomplished. By having one central area to maintain your company objectives, your staff can ensure that their team's activities are properly aligned with the direction the company wishes to move, and get a real sense they are contributing towards something important and meaningful.

In this section we will go through the objectives features.

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