Performance Monitoring

Even though you may have hundreds of policies and procedures in your wiki, how do you know they are being used? Staff.Wiki has special features for monitoring the performance of an article. This includes things like how often an article is viewed, the percentage of the target audience that has viewed it, whether checklists in the article are being used and so on.

Not only are these metrics monitored, but thresholds can be set up that will tell you whether the article is considered performing or not. An article that is not performing can alert you to the fact that additional work may need to be done, such as communicating with people about the existence of the article, or perhaps making the article clearer or more relevant.

The performing status of an article can also have consequences for risk mitigation and compliance evidence. Compliance objectives, for example, can be linked to policies as evidence that the policy is actively used. If that linked article is not performing, it would automatically invalidate the evidence and make you non-compliant, until the problem is remedied. This is discussed more in the Compliance and Risk Management sections.

In this section we'll go over setting up the performance thresholds and viewing them.

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