Requesting Policies / Articles

Requests can be made to other users to write an article. This will send the request and assign it to them, and then notify you when the article is approved and published.

There are a couple of ways of doing this.

The first is by creating the draft yourself. You can then add hidden comments in the draft, and click on "Reassign Draft" to select who should complete the article. They will then receive an email with the link to the article, and will see your comments/instructions and when they are done, publish the article.

The second way is by using the more advanced "Request New Page" feature. This can be done by clicking the down arrow beside the article title to access the Actions Menu and then selecting Request New Page.

The following form will appear:

Once you submit this, it will create a ticket to track the request, and send the ticket to the person you specify in "Who Will Edit".

You can optionally also specify an approver, who will have to sign off on the new page and also any future updates to the page. If the page is submitted as a *sub-page* of an existing page, then any approvers set up in those pages will also have to accept the new page before it will be published.

Once the page is fully approved, a comment will be added to the ticket, notifying you and any other participants in the ticket.

Because the notification is done through a ticket, the participants in the ticket can converse through email, as well as the conversation on the ticket itself. This can be useful for discussing the requirements to make sure everything is clear before work commences.

You can also specify a template article to use for the request. You can set up templates if you're an admin - you do this in the main hamburger menu (top left corner of the page) and select Templates. Whatever is in this list will then show up in the Template dropdown list in the Request Article form.

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