Staff.Wiki 5.2 is Released!

johnwood, 9/12/2023

We're excited to announce the latest release of Staff.Wiki! For details on installing the 5.2 release please visit here:,Page,v5_2_0,KB.aspx

The 5.2 release has some new exciting features like:

1. Put PDFs directly into articles so they can be viewed inline. Some policies have layouts that might be challenging to put into our editor, so we've made it easy to just put PDFs directly in! The content will still be searchable through our search index, it'll show a history of changes (approximated), and you can still use it to generate quizzes with AI. Just another way to make it easier for you to digitize your policies! We're hoping to add the ability to add Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents directly soon.

2. Customize the attestation email that is sent out, and track attestations more easily from the dashboard.

3. Option to let all users see the history of any policy.

4. A new AI Risk Analysis feature for incident reports: this will produce a report analyzing the risks and available mitigations for a given incident report. It will intelligently search through your policy wiki to find out which policies should have mitigated that incident, and provide options on how to reinforce the policies to help prevent the incident from occurring again the future. It will also suggest new policies or amendments to policies to help provide mitigation. (Requires Enhanced AI to be configured first).

5. A new AI Suggestions action for Compliance objectives and Risks - this will also search through the policy database to find suitable policies to satisfy compliance objectives or mitigate risks. It will suggest new policies or amendments to existing policies, if nothing suitable was found. (Requires Enterprise Edition and Enhanced AI to be configured first).

And much more, along with important fixes. You can see the complete list of release notes here:,Page,v5_2_0,KB.aspx

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

- The Staff @ Staff.Wiki

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