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Use Staff.Wiki to provide a centralized, secure website for all your organization's key knowledge, controlled and secured by approval workflow. Add checklists, get staff to sign-off on policies, provide a live questions widget on each page, create quizzes for training your staff, and lots more. In the cloud or download and install. Free trial!

  • Policies & Procedures
    Policies & Procedures

    A Secure Policies and Procedures wiki. With approval-workflow for changes, access control, acknowledgements, audit trails, search and more. (read more...)

  • Interactive Checklists
    Interactive Checklists

    Bring Standard Operating Procedures to life by adding checklists with forms and multi-user workflow, and then send the checklist for review. (read more...)

  • Training

    Create multi-level training courses and automatically-marked exams and quizzes to encourage skills development and policy proficiency. (read more...)

  • In-Page Chat
    In-Page Chat

    A Ticket and Chat System to track policy questions, incidents, investigations, exemption requests & more. With task tracking and email integration. (read more...)

All Your Company Knowledge, In One Secure Wiki

Use Staff.Wiki to ensure that all your staff have access to critical Policies and Procedures through one, up-to-date source.

No more scattered Policies and Procedures

With Staff.Wiki you can provide a professional looking, fully searchable employee guide, procedure manual, safety guide, operations guide - or other policy pages with sections, subsections, inline images. Easy to update.

Approval-based workflow to secure changes

Enforce strict approval workflow for updates to your policies or procedures. Add multi-level approval to notify stakeholders. Assign staff to work on policy pages and get notifications of approvals and work completion.

Chat widget in every policy and procedure page

Put your staff directly in contact with subject-matter experts with a real-time chat window in every policy or procedures page. Fully integrated with a Ticket System so no queries or suggestions are ever forgotten.

Policies and Procedures Acknowledgement

Communication is key to a company's policies and procedures. With one action, you can send a link to a policy or a policy update to staff members who will digitally sign and acknowledge that they have read and understood that policy.

Let staff suggest updates to wiki pages

Encourage feedback for continual improvements. With Staff.Wiki, staff can easily make suggestions to help you keep your policies up-to-date and easy to read. Updates will always go through an approval workflow.

Request policy exemptions with approval

If an exemption is required for a specific policy, use Staff.Wiki to enter a Policy Exemption Request, providing a reason and dates, which will be routed to a manager to review for approval.

Interactive Checklists

Bring your Standard Operating Procedures wiki to life with interactive checklists, featuring custom forms and multi-user assignments

Easily add checklists

You'll love how easy it is to add checklists to pages. Just enter in the text of the checklist item anywhere in the page, alongside regular text, and it'll instantly become a clickable checkbox for all of your staff to use.

Custom Forms

Easily add forms to checklist entries so you can collect detailed information from the user at each step. Unfinished checklists will be highlighted in the system, and reminders emailed to you each day, so they're never forgotten.

Multi-User Workflow

Assign each checklist entry to different users to collaboratively collect information or for approval. Once complete, send the checklist to a department for processing. All data stored for easy retrieval.

Training Programs and Certification

Re-enforce your Policies & Procedures through quizzes, certification and training programs

Create staff assessments

Regularly training and testing will ensure that your staff remain knowledgeable and qualified for their work. Critical, especially with regards to security and safety, as well as maintaining quality of service your clients expect.

Create a certification path

Staff.Wiki lets you lock quizzes based on results of previous quizzes they have taken, providing a clear path to training and certification that encourages your staff to continually pursue professional skills development.

Enforce retake intervals

If a staff fails a quiz, you can specify how frequently they can retake it. For example you may want them to study the training or policy again and retest a week later. This can help discourage staff from trying different options until they pass.

Wiki of Policies, Procedures, Best Practices, Objectives and More

Wiki of Policies, Procedures, Best Practices, Objectives and More

Your Staff.Wiki site will be the primary source for your staff to get guidance on your company's policies, standard operating procedures, best practices, tips, objectives, and more. Use the power of wiki editing to easily create content for your staff to view, get approval and highlight changes from one version to the next.

Bring your procedures to life by easily adding interactive checklists within them, either shared or private to each user. Those checklist entries can capture data from users, making an easy way to build forms or surveys. And when you're done you can send the checklist to a department for review.

In-Page Chat and Ticket System

In-Page Chat and Ticket System

Featuring an integrated ticket system and real-time chat, keep staff communications in one centralized place. Ask questions about specific policies or procedures, report incidents (eg. policy or compliance violation) or post tips that need investigating. Tickets will automatically be directed to the appropriate personnel for responses or handling based on the selected departments.

Use the ticket system to send and monitor tasks to specific staff members, for example to create new wiki pages, or requests to staff to acknowledge specific policies, such as updates to the employee code of conduct.



Use Staff.Wiki to test your staff's company knowledge or create learning materials for new employees, for example a safety training course.

Easily create multiple-choice quizzes to help staff re-enforce new or updated policies and procedures. You can also build a certification path by progressively unlocking quizzes, depending on their individual pass level. Enforce retake intervals for staff who fail their exams, to encourage additional study time.

By creating both a wiki for training material and quizzes to test knowledge, you can build and track a full staff education and professional development program for your staff.

Your SOP is your company's DNA. Protect it.

Make Quality and Excellence a habit at your organization with Staff.Wiki

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