Private, Shared, Objectives

There are three "modes" of checklists on a page. Each mode affects how the checklists are shared. You set this when you add or modify the page, in an option at the bottom of the form: 

This setting determines how the checklists will behave and how they will be seen by others. By default the Checklist mode is set to Private to Each User. This means that the checklist is separate for each user, and hidden from other users. The checklist can be completed by a user and other users will not see what has been checked off - when they start the checklist it will be private to them.  If a checklist entry is assigned to a different user, though, then that user will automatically be able to see the checklist entry, so they can contribute their input.

Private checklists must be completed in sequential order. You cannot skip a step.

You can also set the Checklist mode to be "Shared by Everyone", in which case you will all be working on the same checklist, and everyone can see what has been checked off on the page.  

Shared checklists can be completed in any order. This is because different users may be working on different steps at the same time, and may complete items out of order.

The third option is "Objectives", which are always shared among everyone. These are different in that they are not checked off, instead you record "key results" that determine the progress of the objective. We discuss this more in the OKRs section

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