Customizing Styles

As Staff.Wiki is a web-based application, it makes extensive use of a technology called CSS in order to "style" various components of the screen which control the look of the content. This includes colors, fonts, and etc. within titles and bodies of articles.

The Enterprise Edition has features that allow these styles to be modified to suit the specific branding requirements of an organization. 

Note: Only admin users are able to access this system wide customization feature

The styles customization feature is found within the Configuration tab under Main Settings.

By default, the Styles section in Main Settings will be collapsed to prevent any accidental editing. Clicking upon it will expand it.

There are several settings here that can be changed to help customize the styles.

Here is a list and brief summary of each setting:

Override Header Color

  • Changes the text heading color

Override Sidebar Back Color

  • Changes background color of sidebar navigation

Override Article Font

  • Changes the text font for all article body content (except for header font)

Override CSS

  • CSS file upload to override default CSS styles

Custom CSS

  • Manual CSS override input (must know basic CSS to use)

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