Release: February 26th 2020
Install ID: sw200

Installation Instructions

Watch a video to see the new features in action:

Features and Bug Fixes:

  1. New floating, dynamic navigator!  The navigator replaces the table-of-contents that was previously displayed on the left side of articles, and makes navigating through the wiki faster and more agile. 
  2. All editing is now inline on the page, without having to switch to a pop-up form. Approvers, user group requirements and other options on the page are edited in a separate "Settings" link when editing. 
  3. You can now upload video files directly into articles, and they will display in-line so that readers can watch the video without leaving the article.
  4. When you request page acknowledgements, if the page contains a video, you can now request the user to watch the video entirely before they can acknowledge the page.
  5. While editing drafts, changes are saved automatically to help ensure data is not lost, on a periodic basis. You can also click "Save Now" to save the draft, or press CTRL+S on the keyboard. To reduce server load, only the changes that were made from the last edit are sent to the server. If you log in to a different device and view the same draft, it switches ownership to the new device and closes the previously open window on the other device automatically.
  6. When you first edit a page, it is now locked to stop others from editing the page at the same time. Previously it would only lock after you finished editing, which could cause conflicts if others edited in the meantime.
  7. New optional Risk Management module! Set a user as a "Risk Analyst" to unlock this functionality. This feature allows you to record and manage business risks along with mitigation throughout your organization. Risks can be used as a driving force to create policies and procedures as mitigation.
  8. Custom wiki tabs (Enterprise edition) can now be specific to a user group, and will not be visible to users who are not members of that user group. 
  9. You can now insert sub-articles on drafts, before they are approved, allowing you to work on a whole section in draft before submitting it for approval.
  10. Support for #Hashtags! If you include hashtags in your article, it will automatically become a link that shows all other articles that mention the same hashtag. This can be useful to link between articles with related topics.
  11. For the Enterprise edition, removed articles are now archived rather than permanently deleted. An administrator can re-instate the removed articles at any time, effectively undoing the delete. Archives are found in the Configuration tab, under Archive.
  12. When inserting links in articles, there is now a pop-up navigator that lets you select an existing policy or procedure to link to, even from other tabs.
  13. New floating in-article navigator to navigate through separate sub-section headings in the current article. This will appear if there are 2 or more headings in the article, and if there is sufficient space to the right of the article. 
  14. Improved UI and editing experience on mobile devices. The editing toolbar can now be used through touch-drag to access all options.
  15. You can now add hidden comments to drafts for other drafters to see, or leave hidden comments for future notes of improvement. This is particularly useful to use with the "Re-Assign Draft" option, so you can mark-up changes before assigning them to another worker to complete. 
  16. Enhanced security for user groups. If a page is set to require user groups, and you are not a member of that user group, you will no longer be able to see those page titles in Explore mode as a wiki manager, and they cannot be accessed through any means. They will also be entirely excluded from search results.
  17. The Requires Quiz option has been moved to the main page editor, rather than in the same area as Requires User Groups, for simplicity.
  18. If a page requires a quiz to be completed, that is now shown without hiding the table-of-contents / navigator, rather than showing full screen as it did prior.
  19. The delegate functionality has been improved so you can no longer delegate from a wiki manager user to a non-wiki manager without getting a warning.
  20. The user profile record now has a full audit trail so you can track the history of any changes made to a user's profile.
  21. When you add a secondary approver to a page, it will now request approval from that new approver as well as any existing approvers (for consistency with how primary approvers are configured).
  22. Approvers now always have access to pages they must approve, even if they are not in a user group that the page requires.
  23. Fixed an issue where workflow assignments in checklist items would not work as expected when after an item that is set to a specific user.
  24. Fixed an issue where incorrect approval is sometimes required for moving an item relative to an item with configured approval.
  25. Fixed an issue where setting a user group requirement on a top-level page would still allow users to access sub-pages if they retained the URL.
  26. For additional approvers, improved the workflow so that links are provided directly to the change to approve, rather than a two-step process.
  27. If a page has an approver but that user has been deleted, the admin user can now override removing the approver without requiring approval.
  28. Deleting a user will now warn you of any pages that refer to that user as an approver.
  29. Fixed an issue where custom tabs would sometimes not appear in the order reflected in the Custom Tabs list.
  30. Fixed a problem where renaming a user group would cause pages that require that user group to no longer be accessible.
  31. Full Screen mode has been removed, as now the in-place draft editing effectively gives you the whole screen to edit the article.
  32. Improvements have been made to the Configuration tab for usability

Note: After installation of v2, you can still downgrade to version 1.6.0. Simply follow the instructions here to downgrade. Keep in mind, though, that certain settings changed under v2 (like updates to approvers) may be lost in the downgrade process.

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