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Insert a new article

When you want to add a new page to a wiki, you first have to go to the page where you want to insert the new page. For example if you want to add a new page to the end of a section, you'll go to the last page of that section and then insert the new page there.

Note: If you have the option "Only Wiki Managers Edit" on the Configuration tab, you will need to be logged in as a staff member before you can insert or otherwise change any articles. Otherwise, for non Wiki Managers, the edit options will not appear.

On the selected page, click the down arrow to show the dropdown menu and select Insert.

This will pop-up a form like this:

The Insert Where setting lets you choose where the new page will be located relative to the page you are on. It defaults to Below Article, but you can also choose Above Article, or As Sub-Article. The Title field is the title of the article that will show up as a heading at the top of the article.

Content is going to contain the body of the article. When entering the content, you will be using the formatting toolbar above the text area, but also using special codes called mark-up that let you include tables. We'll discuss that in the Wiki Markup section.

Once submitted, the page will either show straight away, or will have to go through an approval process, depending on how the parent pages are permissioned.


You can edit a page by either going to the dropdown menu and selecting Update, or by clicking the Modify Page link at the bottom of the page.

Editing pages is similar to inserting pages. You have the same option to set the title, the content and approvers, and the content is edited using text and mark-up, as described in the next section.


Whenever inserting a new article or updating, you have the ability to set it to be a draft. This allows you to continuously work on articles without publishing or making changes view-able to all users. To do so, switch the 'Draft' option to 'Yes' prior to clicking on the 'OK' button.

New draft articles will only be seen by you and will display a message above the article title denoting it as a draft. It will also be highlighted in red in the contents navigation to help you track where all your assigned articles are, whether it be draft articles or articles awaiting your approval.

If you wish to cancel any draft changes you've made to an article, click to edit the draft then click on 'Cancel Changes'. Otherwise, to publish the draft, update the article with the 'Draft' option switched off and then click OK.

Note: Canceling a change on a draft article that's never been published will remove the article entirely.

Reverting Change Submissions

Should you want to roll-back to a previous version or go back to an accidentally rejected change submission, you can always resubmit it. Simply click Explore at the bottom of the page, click the Changes tab at the bottom, find the submission in that list you want to resubmit or revert to, click it, and then click the Resubmit button. The same approval process will apply and a new Changes entry will be made for that submission.

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