Sample Policies and Standard Operating Procedures

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Staff.Wiki comes with a number of sample policies and procedures.  We've compiled a list below of some of the useful ones:

Equal opportunity employment policy

Our company is an equal opportunity employer. We do not tolerate discrimination on any factor aside from those which are based on merit or related to your ability to perform work effectively. We hope that all employees (regardless of seniority) treat others with respect and professionalism.

Recruitment process policy

All applicants must complete and sign an employment application form. If it is subsequently discovered that any information has been concealed or the information provided is in any way incorrect or falsified, the relevant employee can be immediately dismissed. The probation period and/or permanent job offer may also depend on the following conditions...

Background checks (criminal, references etc.) policy

In terms of management, if you need to conduct background checks on candidates, you should seek guidance from the Human Resources Department. This process can be difficult to navigate. We must always comply with laws and regulations and ensure that candidates understand what is required and our intention to do so.

Attendance policy

Maintaining the attendance rate and punctuality of each employee is of utmost importance. Employees can apply for unpaid leave, and the company will grant permission as long as a valid reason is provided, but they need to maintain operations.

Confidentiality, data protection and trade secrets policy

In the course of work, employees may be affected by sensitive data. This sensitive data may be related to our customers, employees, suppliers, and partners, or may be related to company information which is considered a trade secret. Everyone is responsible for ensuring that any such sensitive, confidential or private information is provided with due protection. Some examples of this type of information are:

Harassment and violence policy

Our goal is to maintain a safe and pleasant working environment that is conducive to improving work efficiency. Therefore, we hope that everyone will respect each other. Every staff member should do his best to prevent any form of harassment and violence in the workplace and help create a safe, pleasant environment.

Workplace safety and health policy

The safety of our employees is our top priority. Therefore, we have specific prevention policies aimed at strengthening and maintaining workplace safety.

Dress code policy

We require at least business casual wear for work clothes. However, specific roles in our organization may require a different dress code. For example, when meeting with customers, expect employees to wear formal business attire, such as a suit.

Internet usage policy

The Internet service provided by our company is for commercial purposes only. However, we accept that the Internet connection can be used occasionally for personal purposes, as long as it does not interfere with your own duties or affect the company's ability to use the Internet for business. This means that any personal use that takes up bandwidth is not allowed (for example, video streaming and uploading or downloading large files).

Cell phone policy

It is common for employees to own mobile phones and want to bring them to work. Although this is allowed, we hope that you follow the following guidelines regarding the use of mobile phones:

Whistle-blower Policy

In order to maintain the highest standards of conduct and ethics, our company will investigate any suspected fraudulent or dishonest use (or abuse) of company resources or property by employees, board members, consultants or volunteers, regardless of their seniority.

Corporate email policy

E-mail is a very important part of our communication between employees and customers. Although the main purpose of e-mail should be work-related activities, we did make some concessions to allow personal use of e-mail.

Password Policy

Many resources in our organization are password protected. Every employee is responsible for carefully protecting the passwords they use to access these resources. Employees should be aware that failure to protect passwords can pose serious risks to the security of the organization.

Social media policy

Using social media platforms is a common pastime, and many people rely on social media to talk to friends and family.

Conflict of interest policy

Your general work or certain interest relationships or arrangements related to our specific tasks may bring conflicts of interest. If you think this has happened, you must notify us as soon as possible to discuss what measures can be taken to correct the position. If this situation cannot be easily corrected, you may be transferred to another department or your employment relationship may be terminated.

Employee relationships policy

Our goal is to ensure that employee relationships are friendly and conducive to productive work, and are not distracted by personal problems. If there is a relationship between employees that makes it difficult for these employees to work together at a professional level, measures will be taken to remove one of the employees from the team or even the department.

Workplace visitors policy

If you need an office visitor, we ask you to seek permission from your manager. In addition, you should notify the office manager. After they arrive, they will need to follow proper procedures at the reception, including signing the visitor log and obtaining a building pass.

Solicitation and distribution policy

Although our company certainly supports charity and promotes certain causes, employees must realize that there must be certain restrictions on such activities in the workplace.

Overtime policy

Your manager may sometimes ask you to exceed normal working hours. Although overtime is optional, your willingness to spend the extra time may reflect well in the annual performance evaluation. You will be paid overtime in accordance with current local, state and federal laws.

Payroll policy

All wages will be paid at the end of each month according to the terms agreed in your employment contract. Hourly wages will be paid based on the recorded time of entry and exit.

Performance management policy

Regular performance evaluations will be conducted on their own through an annual questionnaire that must be filled out. This questionnaire will allow you to check your achievements in the past year, as well as any feedback on how to meet your expectations of the company and how you hope to grow in the company in the future.

Employee training and development policy

Skilled employees are our most valuable asset. Therefore, it is in our interest to invest in the skills of employees. Developing skills is also in the interests of every employee to promote their career development.

Employee health policy

The health of employees is a common goal. Our company believes that employees are our most valuable asset, and health is our top priority. As part of our health policy and benefit plan, we provide group health insurance (depending on eligibility). In addition, we have various policies to create a working environment that is conducive to maintaining the health of employees.

Workers' compensation policy

Safety is the top priority in our workplace, but accidents still happen sometimes. Employees injured at work may be eligible for workers' compensation. This may include salary replacement, medical care/costs and rehabilitation. These will be subject to local, state and federal workers' compensation laws.

Work from home policy

Sometimes, for certain positions in our organization, you may be allowed or even required to work from home. We usually allow one day to work from home each month, but other working days can be authorized within a reasonable range. If you need authorization for other days when you need to work at home, please contact your manager.

Employee expenses policy

During the execution of the work, it may be necessary to make an acquisition. Certain purchases will be done on your behalf (for example, airline tickets and hotel rooms). For other specific acquisitions, you can request expenses and be reimbursed (subject to certain conditions).

Parking policy

Usually, the parking lot can be fully utilized for those working in our office. However, we may provide priority parking spaces for certain senior employees and people with disabilities.

Company-issued equipment policy

In the course of work, employees may be provided with certain computer-issued equipment. This may include company cell phones and/or laptops. You must not lend, sell or give up the property because it belongs to the company. You must also ensure that the equipment is safe and maintain its state. If there is any problem with the device, you must notify us as soon as possible.

Working hours policy

Our company's standard business hours are from 9 am to 6 pm on weekdays. Employees are expected to be ready in the office and start work before 9:30 am at the latest, but if approved, there will be exceptions.

Paid time off (PTO) policy

Employees usually start with 15 to 20 days of paid vacation per year, but this may vary based on experience, seniority, or alternative agreements with employees. This time is allocated at the beginning of the year. If you start in the middle of the year, your time will be prorated.

Holidays policy

Our company observes the following holidays...

Sick leave policy

Unless otherwise specified by local laws, 5 sick days will be allocated to all employees each year. These can be used to take a vacation when you are sick or recovering from an illness.

Long-term leave policy

Depending on your working status in our company and how long you have worked in our company, you may be eligible for long-term leave. This way you can enjoy 12 weeks of unpaid leave while protecting your position in the company and all benefits. It can be used to recover from severe health conditions or to care for family members suffering from severe health conditions.

Bereavement leave policy

The death of family members or loved ones is very painful. In this difficult period, our company will provide the greatest sympathy and support.

Maternity and paternity leave policy

Bringing a new life to the world is an exciting but exhausting process! To help parents take care of their newborns and adapt to the new sleep style, we provide maternity (mother) and paternity (father) leave in the first few months after the baby is born.

Disciplinary procedures policy

When employees commit misconduct or otherwise violate company policies, we hope to provide them with a clear way to correct their behavior. Therefore, we provide disciplinary procedures that must be followed in the event of minor misconduct. Serious crimes will be investigated and the consequences will be determined by management.

Resignation policy

To resign is to leave the company voluntarily. If you plan to resign from the company, please inform your manager or human resources department when planning your last day. We ask you to give us as much notice as possible so that we can replace you.

Termination policy

According to local laws, we may also compensate for accrued vacation and sick leave when the contract is terminated. Generally, according to local laws, as long as you are not fired for misconduct, we will pay for accrued leave.

References policy

Employees who no longer work in our company can ask for references. If they maintain a good reputation, we will provide such references. However, the manager has the right to assume or refuse the obligation at his discretion.

Outside jobs policy

"External work" is the second type of work besides the work of the organization. Employees can take up external jobs under certain conditions and with pre-approval, as long as the company is considered its main employer and is respected accordingly.

Referral bounties policy

As long as new recommenders comply with certain restrictions, we will recommend them to them at any time. If you know someone who thinks you are suitable for a position in our company, please feel free to recommend them to us. If we eventually hire the candidate you introduced to us, you will be eligible for a referral bonus or gift. Please contact our human resources department for details, because if we hire your recommended candidates for positions that are difficult to fill, our employee recommendation rewards may be higher.

Human Resources - Employee onboarding

What is onboarding? Onboarding is the process of incorporating new employees into the organization. It usually involves administrative tasks such as setting up new employees' logins to various systems, setting up their payroll, finding tables for them and the like. It can also include training programs that help familiarize staff and ensure that they are effective. The onboarding process is usually lengthy and involves many different departments. It has also changed greatly from one organization to another.

Human Resources - Identifying staffing needs

Evaluation of job vacancies or staff expansion in each department will need to be carried out on a regular basis. The following are the most important steps in the process of managing personnel requirements...

Human Resources - Solicitation of job opening

The release of job vacancies and/or new positions follows the following procedures...

Human Resources - Candidate selection process

Choosing the right candidate for the company is crucial for this position. The following are the most important steps to manage the candidate selection process...

Safety - Automobile Accident

If an accident occurs on the campus, it should be reported to the public safety department as soon as possible...

Safety - Facilities Problems

If there is a heat, electricity, light or other maintenance problem related to the building or campus liaison facility management, in order to report the nature of the problem so that appropriate repairs can be made.

Safety - Fire Emergency

If a fire is found...

Human Resources - Labor Disputes

If a labor dispute occurs, which may include setting up pickets, the staff are required to continue to work and carry out normal activities. The Senior Vice President of Administration shall be responsible for determining whether the situation is of a nature requiring the shutdown of normal operations.

Safety - Weather Emergency

If the emergency siren is activated on a working day, you should...

Sales - Cold calling

The following are the procedures and tips to follow when contacting the cold lead (cold call)...

Accounting - Cash receipts

The accounting clerk will open any mail sent to the company or mail without a specific recipient. The receipt of the check or cash will be recorded in the accounting system. All other checks or cash will be forwarded to the accounting supervisor immediately.

Accounting - Check disbursements

Outlines the cash payment procedures for cheque authorization, cheque and bank reconciliation...

Accounting - Purchasing

The procurement procedures are only approved by the Executive Director and are summarized as follows...

Accounting - Payroll

The payroll system will input pay, print paychecks, make direct deposit transfers, print payroll reports and send the report to the accountant. The accountant will check the payroll before it is issued.

Accounting - Budgets

The budget is maintained every quarter, and the procedures are as follows...

Security - Operational security

Utilizing operational security (OPSEC) is a process, not a collection of specific rules and instructions that can be applied to each operation. OPSEC must be tightly integrated and synchronized with other information manipulation functions and all aspects of protected operations.

Security - PCI data security

PCI (Payment Card Industry) is a security standard designed to ensure that all organizations and companies that deal with any cardholder data have a secure environment. PCI has very simple requirements for physical security, but it still requires a lot of effort. PCI has 12 compliance requirements...

Security - Information security

The security of all information created or hosted by the company is the responsibility of all employees. Disclosure is subject to departmental and company policies. In order to prevent the improper transmission of sensitive or confidential information, the highest ethical standards are required.

Sales - Pre-sales

When the initial contact with potential customers is made, the pre-sale process begins. The salesperson is responsible for establishing contacts with potential customers, establishing customer meetings and sending suggestions. Most importantly, the salesperson is responsible for completing the sale. Sales staff usually have a personal quota every month.

Sales - Social selling

Social sales are ultimately related to building relationships. Before establishing a relationship network, you need to ensure that you choose the right network, and then you can build new relationships, provide value to potential customers and cultivate potential customers. The general process is as follows...

Feel free to use these however you wish. You can also download these into your Staff.Wiki and tailor them to your own needs.

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